Most Improved Swimmers

Most improved awards are given to one boy and girl in each age group. These are awarded on the basis of consistent time improvement throughout the summer season, as well as improvement in technique or the addition of new events that can reliably be performed legally in competition. Most improved recipients receive a trophy with their name on it.

The coaches congratulate these swimmers who have been constantly making themselves better swimmers!

2018 Most Improved Swimmers

    • Mites: Molly Schrinel and Nat Kruetzer
    • Midgets: Madeleine Garrett and Henry Hanna
    • Juniors: Tolly Hulcher and Sven Komorowski
    • Intermediates: Susan Pilc and Davis Guise
    • Seniors: Jaqueline Milley and Matthew Burnside

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2017 Most Improved Swimmers

      • Mites: Abram Schrinel and Elianna Cuce
      • Midgets: Stephen Cimino and Vivian Norton
      • Juniors: Floyd Jones and Alyssa Mason-Roth
      • Intermediates: Jack Davis and Camilla Burnside
      • Seniors: James Fraser and Kristine Ogden

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2016 Most Improved Swimmers

      • Mites: Reid Winters and Lilly Roberts
      • Midgets: Floyd Jones and Ellie Torrence
      • Juniors: Ben Coker and Eliza Sundberg
      • Intermediates: Henry Prideaux and Maddie Andrews
      • Seniors: Casey Fenster and Kristine Ogden

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2015 Most Improved Swimmers

      • Mites: Stella Fredrick and Thomas Jebo
      • Midgets: Kayla Robertson and Joshua Vandergrift
      • Juniors: Susan Pilc and Jackson Oliver
      • Intermediates: Peyton Guise and Jeffrey Green
      • Seniors: Geneva Weidhaas and Charlie Prideaux

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2014 Most Improved Swimmers

      • Mites: Cameron Schwartz and Aidan Cassidy
      • Midgets: Camilla Burnside and Parker Shepherd
      • Juniors: Taylor Biltz and Ian Townsend
      • Intermediates: Claire Weidhaas and Chris Gilliam
      • Seniors: Alexis Biltz and Charlie Prideaux