Best Attitude

The Best Attitude award recognizes swimmers who epitomize many of the qualities that coaches value in swimmers. They are good teammates who encourage others in practice and in meets; they work hard in practice and do not complain; they show good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. In short, they are a joy to coaches and to their fellow teammates. One boy and one girl in each age group receives a trophy to commemorate their superior attitude.

There are two specialized awards that relate to attitude. The Boss Hoss Award is given to the swimmers who attend every Boss Hoss (Saturday morning) practice. By getting up early on a weekend and swimming a longer practice, these swimmers show their dedication to improving their swimming. These swimmer are designated by a star on their certificate. The Best Older Buddy Award is given to the boy and girl who have proven to be the most supportive of their younger buddy teammates; they receive a gift card to Sugar Shack. And the Dependability Club includes all swimmers who were present at every single dual meet. These swimmers are recognized with a silver seal on their Ridgetop swim team certificate.

2018 Best Attitude Award Winners

      • Mite:Claire Robinson and Nash Millner
      • Midget: Caitlin Corby and Linos Grice
      • Junior: Madeleine Cullop and Bjorn Petersson
      • Intermediate: Morgan Stoudt and Hayden Schwartz
      • Senior: Lucie Speck and Weston Williams
      • Boss Hosses: Cameron Schwartz, Logan Cohn, Stella Fredrick, Madeleine Cullop, Madoc Winters, Nate Winters, Reid Winters
      • Best Older Buddies: Maddie Cassidy and Colter Lanois
      • The Dependability Club:39 swimmers

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2017 Best Attitude Award Winners

      • Mite: Thomas Jebo and Sofia Moore
      • Midget: Andy Hingst and Cameron Schwartz
      • Junior: Ben Coker and Ellie Torrence
      • Intermediate: Sam Harless and Maddie Cassidy
      • Senior: Will Coker and Frances Melvin
      • Boss Hosses: Logan Cohn, Kristine Ogden, Ariel Ogden, Cameron Schwartz, Nate Winters, Maddoc Winters
      • Best Older Buddies: Roger Hart, Madeleine Cullop
      • The Dependability Club46 swimmers

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2016 Best Attitude Award Winners

      • Mite: Reed Jones and Electra Cimino
      • Midget: Aidan Cassidy and Georgia Wilson
      • Junior: Hayden Schwartz and Maddie Cassidy
      • Intermediate: Jack Davis and Lucie Speck
      • Senior: Ian Fraser and Emily Pilc
      • Boss Hosses: Logan Cohn, Kate Farmer, Ariel Ogden, Kristine Ogden, Madoc Winters, Nate Winters
      • Best Older Buddies: Mitchell Green and Frances Melvin
      • The Dependability Club44 swimmers

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2015 Best Attitude Award Winners

      • Mite: Madeleine Cullop and Owen Prusek
      • Midget: Ellie Grace Robinson and Ben Coker
      • Junior: Maddie Cassidy and Madoc Winters
      • Intermediate: Kristine Ogden and Charlie Pilc
      • Senior: Frances Melvin and Charles Given
      • Boss Hoss: Madoc Winters, Logan Cohn, Charlie Pilc, Emiliy Pilc, Frances Melvin, Ryley Ogden, Ariel Ogden, Kristine Ogden.
      • Best Older Buddy: Anna Gilliam and Ian Stevenson
      • The Dependability Club47 swimmers

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2014 Best Attitude Award Winners

      • Mite: Ellie Grace Robinson and Mason Shephard
      • Midget: Maddie Cassidy and Campbell Doty
      • Junior: Lucie Speck and Henry Prideaux
      • Intermediate: Emily Pilc and Adam Notley
      • Senior: Anna Gilliam and Mitchell Green