The Holland Award

The various other awards recognize specific attributes that the coaches feel are worthy of praise: attitude, improvement, being supportive of teammates, scoring points, sportsmanship, motivation, etc. The Holland Award winner is the single swimmer on the team who the coaches feel have embodied ALL of those qualities. It is usually an older swimmer who has been an exemplary Ridgetop swimmer over a number of years and who has been the most committed to the ideals of our team. It is the single biggest honor awarded to a swimmer on the team.

The award is named after beloved coach Dave Holland, who coached the Riptides for 10 years. Prior to 2014 it was named the Robin Hersey Award.

Holland Award winners receive a trophy and have their name inscribed on a plaque that is kept in the clubhouse. The Holland Award winners are given below. The coaches are deeply appreciative of the examples set by these fine men and women, and are humbled by their dedication to the team.

  • 2018: Frances Melvin
  • 2017: Emily Pilc, Ian Stevenson
  • 2016: Charlie Prideaux
  • 2015: Colin Fenster
  • 2014: Schuyler Biltz
  • 2013: Zoe Trenz, Annie Weidhaas
  • 2012: Alexis Biltz
  • 2011: Andrew Strait, Kathryn Strait
  • 2010: Grant Brown
  • 2009: Daniel Strait, Charles Argenzio
  • 2008: Daria Mosman
  • 2007: Katie Baxa
  • 2006: Emma Landon
  • 2005: Rob Love
  • 2004: Lauren Perry
  • 2003: Mary Beth Johnson
  • 2002: Jimmy Hoke
  • 2001: Greg Blair
  • 2000: Emily Baxa, Ashley Perry, Lara Teague
  • 1998: Ashley Perry
  • 1997: Christy Seither, John Gray
  • 1996: Lisa Helfert
  • 1995: Celeste White
  • 1994: Christy Seither
  • 1993: Christy Seither, Jenny Seither, Cathy Seither
  • 1992: Henly Jones, Earl Littlepage, Jeremiah Littlepage
  • 1991: Allison Miller, Jeremiah Littlepage
  • 1990: Annie Laurie Boland, Wif Haywood
  • 1989: Melanie Gray, Robert Lipscomb
  • 1988: Shana Levy, Melissa Harrell
  • 1987: Mary Hardy, Greg Smith
  • 1986: Mary Sigmon, Carter Sigmon