Dates for Summer 2019

Hi everyone! Happy spring break! I am very excited for the season to start back up . Here are some announcements and dates as you look forward to your summer. 1. I accidentally sent out an event notification about RT @ GP (oops – April Fool’s!). I am very excited to be transitioning to TeamUnify as our platform. The website will go live by Friday, April 12th for swimmer registration and volunteer positions. You will not be able to successfully create a login until I finalize a couple more things and send it out next week, so hang tight.
2. Open house for swim and dive is Sunday, April 28th from 2-4pm at the Ridgetop clubhouse. NOVA will be there for fittings and Laura will have our new “team swag” (see pictures).
3. First swim practice begins Monday, May 20th. Pre-team will begin Monday, June 17th. Practice times are here if you want to take a look.
4. Swim meet schedule can be found here. Please try to book your vacation after champs 😉
5. Trained volunteers (head ref, starter, head table, clerk, strokes&turns, announcer, computer) will need to attend their scheduled JRAC sessions so please plan accordingly.
6. We will be welcoming back all four coaches this season! Here are their updated bios and contact information. 7. Please also congratulate Laura, who is now the JRAC secretary! Woo hoo – thank you for going above and beyond, Laura!! See you all very soon!