Meet Absences: Meet 4

Ridgetop @ Ginter Park

According to my records, the swimmers below will be missing the meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate.

Not Attending

Jane Bowman
Cara Brickhouse
May Belle Brickhouse
Anne Budwell
Katherine Budwell
Stephen Cimino
Joseph Cohen
Katie Cordo
Kyra Evans
Laken Evans
Madeleine Garrett
Chris Gilliam
Clay Given
Matthew Guise
Audrey Hulcher
Tolly Hulcher
Alka Link
Rowen Link
Hannah Mahan
Jackie Milley
Sofia Moore
Charlie Pilc
Emily Pilc
Susan Pilc
Carter Spalding
Betsy Spalding

No Response (Assumed not attending)

Elianna Cuce
Aubrey Cuevas
Casey Fenster
James Fraser
Davis Guise
Andy Hingst
Matthew Hingst
Colter Lanois
Tristan Litzenburg
Frances Melvin
Charley Roberts
Lily Roberts
Tommy Roberts
Abram Schrinel
Molly Schrinel
Mason Shepherd
Parker Shepherd
Bridger Thurston
Geneva Weidhaas