Meet Absences: Meet 4

Ridgetop @ CCV

According to my records, the swimmers below will be missing the meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate.

Not Attending

Bridget Abbott
Katherine Budwell
Anne Carter Budwell
Caitlin Corby
Katie Cordo
Campbell Doty
Kyra Evans
Laken Evans
Tory Farmer
Casey Fenster
James Fraser
Ian Fraser
Olivia Fredrick
Stella Fredrick
Mary Claire Friday
Bennett Friday
Eva Green
Carlin Hardy
Ellie Hinkle
Patrick Hinkle
Finley Holland
Charlotte Holloway
Tolly Hulcher
Alka Link
Rowen Link
Jackie Milley
Susan Pilc
Emily Pilc
Charlie Pilc
Molly Powers
Kayla Robertson
Joshua Vandegrift
Georgia Wilson

No Response (Assumed not attending)

Michael Nardi
Thomas Nardi