Volunteering Basics

Every family who registers for the Ridgetop Swim Team is responsible for volunteering for five or more “shifts” are home and away meets. There are three home meets and three away meets, and these meets cannot be run without volunteers. Each volunteer shift is approximately two hours in length, though that may vary depending on the size of the opposing team and due to any weather delays. You can volunteer through Your Swim Portal but there are a few nuances that you need to be aware of.

From Your Swim Portal, volunteer by clicking on one of the six links in the bottom right corner. You will be presented with a list of volunteer positions and instructions on how to sign up. Most positions are divided into “First Half” and “Second Half” shifts, though there are a few that last the entire meet. Some positions require certification; in such cases there should be a “Detail” link next to the position that state this requirement.

Volunteer positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteer early and often to get the best position that fits in with your schedule!

Certified Positions

Make sure that you are qualified for the position that you volunteer for. The following positions require certification (ie, training) so if you are not certified for them, do not sign up for them!

• Strokes and Turn judge
• Starter
• Head Clerk of the Course
• Head Table Worker
• Head Timer

Please be sure to click the little “details” link next to some of the volunteer positions, where extra information is given, such as whether certification is required. If you signed up for one of these positions by mistake, please see the instructions below on how to switch to a different position.

Signing Up a Spouse for a Volunteer Position

There is only one account associated with your Swim Portal, so signing up a spouse is slightly more work than signing up for yourself. You have the following options to do this.

  1. The simplest is to simply share your login information with your spouse and allow them to sign themselves up for volunteer positions. This minimizes your work and also minimizes the chances of schedule miscommunications.
  2. You can also sign your spouse up for a position. First, choose the meet and the position and proceed to the next step. If you associated your spouse with the account when you registered your child, s/he will appear in a list of people under the “Select Registrant” option. But even if you didn’t, you can register someone else for the position. After doing this one time, you associate that person with your account and s/he will appear in the list of possible registrants when volunteering for other positions.

Choosing either of these options should “credit” your account with the volunteer points for the position. If you have trouble registering your spouse, please contact Laura Biltz, our volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Changes and Communication

You are able to modify your volunteer positions through your Swim Portal should your circumstances change. Please do this well in advance of the event if possible so that someone else can fill this position. If you withdraw from a position within three days of the meet, you are responsible for finding a replacement. Please also contact Laura to alert her of your situation.

Laura may send out communications to volunteers via email (or text if it is urgent). Regardless of whether you have fulfilled your minimum volunteer commitment, we need a full complement of volunteers to run a meet. No one wants to stay at the meet late into the night, so please step up when necessary.

There is no “buy out” option to get out of your volunteer commitment. If you cannot fulfill it, then please get someone else to do it for you and sign them up as outlined above so you get credit. As meets approach, if we need volunteers for a meet we will beginning emailing people who still need to meet their obligation.