Transitioning to Champs 2016

Congratulations to all Riptide swimmers on a great finish to the dual meet season! We won two dual meets and averaged over 1200 points in the toughest division in the league. Now we begin to transition to preparations for the JRAC Championship meet, which will be held July 28-29 at the NOVA Aquatics Center. This post will describe the schedule for the closing two weeks of the season.

  • Practices this week will proceed as usual. We will have the usual morning and afternoon practices for the regular team. For pre-team, Wednesday will be a fun practice and will mark a close to their season. Great job, pre-teamers, we hope to see you on the regular team next year!
  • Payment for Championship heat sheet ads are due Friday morning at practice; see below for details. The rates for heat sheet ads are: $20 for a full sheet ad, $13 for a half-page, and $7 for a quarter-page ad. You may also enter a $5 raffle for a champs parking pass; enter as many times as you like to receive one of these coveted parking passes!
  • Entries for JRAC Championship are due Friday at noon, and we will post the Ridgetop Championship team here on this website at some point during the day.
  • Saturday is the first day of Champs practice! All championship team members are very strongly urged to attend this practice. It will be held in two parts: mites and midgets will practice 8-9:15am, and all others will practice 8:45 – 10am. The entire team will meet for announcements a little before 9am.
  • Next week practices for the champs team are Mon-Wed at 8:30-9:30am for mites and midgets, and 9:30-11am for everyone else. There will be no afternoon practices.
  • JRAC Championships are Thurs and Friday, and the team will meet Friday evening for dinner and then continue celebrations at the pool!
  • The annual Awards Banquet will happen on Saturday, July 30, at 6pm at Ridgetop. This banquet is open to ALL swim team members, not just those who are in the Championship team.

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the success of the season (so far!). It is unfortunate that JRAC rules limit the number of swimmers that we can take to champs, because the entire team has done a fabulous job.

In particular, I would like to congratulate the 107 Championship Qualifiers — representing almost 400 qualifying events! (listed in parentheses below) — who are listed below. What an achievement!

Champs Qualifiers in 2016

Owen Andrews (2)Jeffrey Green (2)Molly Powers (4)
Madeline Andrews (7)Elise Gresham (5)Charlie Prideaux (6)
Ellery Ayers (3)Linos Grice (2)Owen Prusek (4)
Taylor Biltz (7)Isabella Grice (2)Miles Prusek (5)
Alexis Biltz (5)Matthew Guise (5)Lilian Roberts (2)
Schuyler Biltz (7)Davis Guise (5)Tommy Roberts (5)
Jane Bowman (2)Anne Claire Hart (5)Kayla Robertson (1)
Caroline Boykin (6)Roger Hart (5)Cameron Schwartz (4)
Madison Bradshaw (1)Andy Hingst (2)Kyle Schwartz (1)
Cara Brickhouse (2)Ellie Hinkle (1)Hayden Schwartz (5)
May Belle Brickhouse (1)Finley Holland (1)Mason Shepherd (3)
Hayes Burnside (2)Hank Holland (7)Molly Sleman (4)
Aidan Cassidy (5)Reed Jones (4)Christian Sleman (5)
Maddie Cassidy (1)Floyd Jones (3)Brandon Smith (5)
Electra Cimino (1)Sven Komorowski (2)Keagan Southall (3)
Brody Cohn (2)Thomas Kreutzer (3)Elizabeth Spalding (1)
Logan Cohn (7)William Kurz (5)Millie Speck (3)
Ben Coker (5)Marina Leino (5)Lucie Speck (7)
Will Coker (7)Alka Link (4)Ian Stevenson (6)
Madeleine Cullop (4)Rowen Link (1)Morgan Stoudt (1)
Ella Davis (4)Luke Logan (3)Joseph Strait (3)
Jack Davis (3)Andy Logan (1)Paul Sundberg (3)
Kyra Evans (2)Hannah Mahan (3)Eliza Sundberg (1)
Laken Evans (1)Frances Melvin (7)William Sutten (2)
Kate Farmer (7)Jackie Milley (3)Grace Sutten (4)
Tory Farmer (7)Vivian Norton (1)Lucie Tindell (2)
Casey Fenster (5)Ryley Ogden (6)Ellie Torrence (3)
Tristan Frantz (4)Norah Pascual (5)Zoe Trenz (7)
James Fraser (6)Annhaden Payne (3)Trista Walton (2)
Ian Fraser (5)Carter Payne (5)Geneva Weidhaas (2)
Stella Fredrick (2)Bjorn Petersson (2)Weston Williams (7)
Madeleine Garrett (1)Turner Phaup (5)Georgia Wilson (2)
Anna Gilliam (7)Grace Phaup (5)Reid Winters (4)
Christopher Gilliam (3)Emily Pilc (7)Nate Winters (4)
Eva Green (2)Charlie Pilc (3)Madoc Winters (1)
Mitchell Green (4)Ella Post (3)

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