Text Contact Info and Meet Signups

Even though we could not get into the pool due to a pump failure, it was a great first day of practice! The coaches loved seeing so many familiar faces even on a less-than-ideal day. The weather is supposed to be getting warmer and hopefully the pool will be swimmable shortly so keep on coming!

A number of you emailed to say that you did not receive the “test” text that I sent on Monday. I am not sure but possibly the reason is that many people’s cell numbers are listed in a “Home phone” field. Even if it is a cell phone, apparently the web application does not try it unless it is actually LISTED as a cell phone.

Please go to Your Swim Portal and check your contact information. After you go to the portal, click on the registration group to get into the place where you can edit your contact info. See the figure below if you need a visual cue. Once there, check that your cell phone number (and those of your children if you want them to receive weather alert texts) are listed as cell phones and not just (for example) your “Home Phone.”


While you are there, you should go ahead and indicate which meets you will be attending. YOU MUST RESPOND to each meet invitation. Click on the “View Meets” tab at the top and click the appropriate response. Do not forget to SAVE your response. Again, see the figure below if you are more of a visual type.

We appreciate your patience with this new system this year, we think it will be a big help but there are bound to be hiccups along the way. I will send out another test text in a couple of days to check if the system is working, so please check your contact info before then.

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