Meet #1 Recap: Ridgetop @ CCV

On June 8, Ridgetop opened its summer season with a visit to the Country Club of Virginia. This year Ridgetop moved up to the more competitive “Blue” division of JRAC, so we’ll be swimming the largest teams in the league. Some excellent swims by the Riptides could not overcome the depth of the host CCV team, who won 1742-1113. We congratulate them on some excellent swimming and for providing a fine venue and organized meet to start off the season.

Complete meet results are available here

There were four triple winners for the Riptides: Caroline Boykin, Kate Farmer, Colin Fenster, and Frances Melvin. Caroline won the 100 IM, 50 Back, and 50 Breast in the 13-14 R category, Kate won the 100 IM, 50 Back and 50 Fly, all in the 11-12 XX category; Colin won the 100 IM (X), 100 Free (X) and 100 Breaststroke (XX) in the 15-18 age group, while Frances swept her individual events in the 100 IM, 50 Free and 50 Back in the 13-14 X category. Now that’s some excellent swimming!

There were two new team records set in the meet: Zoe Trenz set a new mark of 32.22 in the 15-18 50 fly, erasing an 11-year-old record previously held by Ellie Saunders, while Kate Farmer set a new record of 35.18 in the 11-12 50 Back, breaking the mark held by Kate Powers.

The following swimmers achieved new Ridgetop all-time Top 10 swims:

Junior Girls and Boy

  • Maddie Andrews: 50 Back (3rd), 50 Fly (7th)
  • Taylor Biltz: 50 Fly (6th), 100 IM (6th)
  • Kate Farmer: 50 Back (1st), 50 Fly (3rd)
  • Sebastian Ramirez: 50 Fly (9th)

Intermediate Girls and Boys

  • Schuyler Biltz: 100 IM (7th)
  • Caroline Boykin: 50 Breast (4th)
  • Frances Melvin: 50 Free (2nd), 100 IM (6th)
  • Will Coker: 50 Back (8th)
  • Jeffrey Green: 50 Breast (10th tie)
  • Hank Holland: 100 IM (3rd)

Senior Girls and Boys

  • Ryley Ogden: 100 Free (4th), 50 Fly (9th), 100 IM (8th)
  • Kathryn Strait: 50 Free (3rd), 50 Fly (4th)
  • Zoe Trenz: 50 Back (4th), 50 Fly (1st), 100 IM (2nd)
  • Tory Farmer: 100 Free (4th), 50 Back (3rd), 50 Fly (4th)
  • Colin Fenster: 100 Free (3rd), 100 IM (3rd)
  • Ian Stevenson: 50 Free (2nd), 50 Fly (5th), 100 IM (6th)

There were also 29 times that advanced swimmers to a new speed classification: 22 new R times, 6 new X times and 1 new XX time. These impressive swims are highlighted in this (RT-only) version of the results. Even more impressively, there were MANY time improvements at this meet, too many to count; please check out the post-meet version of the Ridgetop Top Times and check out how many were done on June 8.

The coaches were proud of the swimming performances, enthusiasm and class on display by the Riptide swimmers; keep it up and we’ll see you at next practice!

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