Ridgetop Buddies are Awesome!

One of the best things about our team is that it is a community, and the buddy system is a great example of that! The older buddies are volunteers, so if you are 11+ years old, now is the time to step forward.

All mites and midgets will be paired with an older buddy at every swim meet. Last year the coaches decided to switch to a volunteer system for the older buddies so that we only get buddies who are extra committed to supporting their younger teammates. We very much need those volunteers, but older buddies should not do so lightly. By volunteering you agree to cheer, support and mentor your younger buddies at swim meets.

This is an important and rewarding task! RT swimmers have fond memories of being older buddies. Note that we will try to keep the same buddies together for the entire season, but meet absences can make that impossible.

Below is the list of Older Buddies as of June 2. If you are 11 years old or older and want to be an older buddy, please email me ASAP and let me know. (If you are 11 years old and prefer to remain a younger buddy, please let me know.)

Schuyler Biltz
Taylor Biltz
Camilla Burnside
Maddie Cassidy
Logan Cohn
Ben Coker
Laken Evans
Elise Gresham
Roger Hart
Floyd Jones
William Kurz
Rowen Link
Grace Phaup
Charlie Pilc
Emily Pilc
Susan Pilc
Henry Prideaux
Hayden Schwartz
Christian Sleman
Lucie Speck
Millie Speck
Ian Stevenson
Morgan Stoudt
Eliza Sundberg
Grace Sutten
Ellie Torrence