(New) Member Orientation: June 2

On Friday, June 2, there will be an informal (New) Member Orientation after practices, starting at 6:30pm. The coaches will all be there to answer your questions!

Although we encourage our new members to be there, the meeting is open to everyone. In fact, we really hope that a lot of experienced families show up to lend a friendly hand! It is a good opportunity to make new friends, or see each other again. Summer league swimming can be a little confusing at times, and even experienced members can use a refresher course.

One way to get up to speed is to browse through the Ridgetop Swim Team Handbook. We are in the midst of updating it for 2017 — it should be done very shortly — but most of the information is still valid. I will print off a few copies to hand out to new members, or anyone who would rather have a hard copy instead of reading it on a computer screen.

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