Meet Recap: JRAC 2015 Championship

The 2015 JRAC Championships were held July 23-24 at the NOVA Aquatics Center. Involved in a four-way battle for sixth place, Ridgetop held on for 7th place on the strength of our free relays. The full results can be found here.

New Personal Best Swims

Quadruple-PR swimmers: Matthew Guise, William Kurz, Christian Sleman, Lucie Speck
Triple-PR swimmers: Schuyler Biltz, Logan Cohn, Will Coker, James Fraser, Carter Payne, Tommy Roberts, Ian Stevenson, Zoe Trenz

The best measure of success for a swimmer in a meet is to set a new personal record (PR) in an event, and many swimmers did so at this meet. This week, an amazing  12 swimmers (listed above) equalled or bettered their best times in three or more individual events.  Many other swimmers set at least one personal best time. Getting a best time in a meet is something to be very proud about!

The largest single drop of the meet was recorded by Christian Sleman, who dropped almost 6 seconds from his previous best 100 IM time to take 4th place in the event! In fact, Christian dropped time in ALL his events, a total of more than 11 seconds of time improvement that includes three new X times. Impressive!

Other impressive drops were recorded by Ella Davis (4.3 sec in 50 back), Matthew Guise (5.2 sec in 25 fly), Turner Phaup (5.8 sec in 50 fly), Sebastian Ramirez (4.2 sec on 50 back), and Tommy Roberts (4.8 sec in 50 breast and 5.5 sec in 50 fly). Very nice!

Current best times, sorted by name, are found here. Use them to set goals and measure your progress.

Medal Winners

Below are our medal winners. Congratulations to our double-winners Alexis Biltz and Peyton Guise, as well as triple-medalists Schuyler Biltz, William Kurz and Zoe Trenz.

Gold: Alexis Biltz (2), Ella Davis, Ian Fraser, James Fraser, Chris Gilliam, Matthew Guise, Peyton Guise (2), Frances Melvin, Jackie Milley, Charlie Pilc, Molly Powers, Sebastian Ramirez, Ian Stevenson

Silver: Schuyler BIltz, Madeleine Cullop, William Kurz (2), Frances Melvin, Hayden Schwartz, Christian Sleman, Lucie Speck, Zoe Trenz.

Bronze: Maddie Andrews, Schuyler BIltz (2), Taylor Biltz, Aidan Cassidy, Alex Gilliam, Ann Claire Hart, Hank Holland, William Kurz, Tommy Roberts, Lucie Speck, Ian Stevenson, William Sutten, Zoe Trenz (2).

I think a highlight of the meet was our three winning Novice relays the Intermediate 200 Medley Relay and both Novice Senior Relays. Wow, well done Ridgetop swimmers!

New Standards

A number of swimmers achieved new JRAC standards at the meet. Bolded names are swimmers who will remain in the same age group next year and so the team will benefit from swimming in their new speed classification.

  • New Regular time standards were achieved by: MayBelle Brickhouse, Madeleine Cullop, Ian Fraser, James Fraser (2), Stella Fredrick, Alex Gilliam, Chris Gilliam, Matthew Guise, Peyton Guise, Ann Haden Payne, Miles Prusek, Sebastian Ramirez, Tommy Roberts, Parker Shepherd, William Sutten.
  • New X time standards were achieved by: Schuyler BIltz, Frances Melvin, Turner Phaup, Christian Sleman (3), Ian Stevenson.
  • New XX time standards were achieved by: Maddie Andrews, Will Coker, William Kurz, Lucie Speck.

Ridgetop Top 10 and Records

Three new team records were set, all by Zoe Trenz, who lowered her own records in the 50 free (by 0.32 sec), 100 breast (3.7 sec) and 100 IM (1.2 sec). There were also many new swims in the all-time Ridgetop Top 10, as shown below.

  • Ann Claire Hart: 25 breast (2nd)
  • Ella Davis: 50 free (6th)
  • Lucie Speck: 50 free (5th), 50 back (5th), 50 breast (4th), 100 IM (3rd)
  • Maddie Andrews: 50 back (5th)
  • Taylor Biltz: 50 fly (6th)
  • Zoe Trenz: 50 free (1st), 100 breast (1st), 100 IM (1st)
  • Frances Melvin: 50 free (6th), 50 back (8th)
  • Schuyler Biltz: 100 free (6th), 50 back (6th), 100 IM (5th)
  • Caroline Boykin: 100 breast (7th)
  • William Kurz: 50 free (4th), 50 back (3rd), 50 breast (5th), 100 IM (3rd)
  • Christian Sleman: 50 back (9th)
  • Hayden Schwartz: 50 fly (2nd)
  • Will Coker: 50 fly (6th), 100 IM (5th)
  • Ian Stevenson: 100 free (5th), 50 back (5th), 50 fly (3rd)
  • Hank Holland: 50 back (6th), 50 breast (4th), 100 IM (6th)
  • James Fraser: 50 breast (8th), 100 IM (9th)
  • Charles Prideaux: 100 free (9th), 50 fly (8th)

The coaches are proud of the energy and sportsmanship of everyone who participated in the meet, whether they are specifically mentioned here or not. Well done, everyone!

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