Meet #5 Info: Westwood @ Ridgetop

On Monday, July 11, Ridgetop will be hosting Westwood for our second home meet. The meet start time is 6:30pm and you should arrive about 60 min early to get settled and be ready for warmups. The theme for the meet is Disney, so prepare accordingly!

We will have an official buddy list this meet! Since it is a home meet, the coaches encourage you to make creative (Disney-themed?) posters to cheer on your buddy. Pre-teamers will be participating in this meet in the 25 freestyle. For most of them, this will be their first meet ever, so everyone needs to encourage and congratulate them (especially their older buddies, of course).

Please review the list of swimmers who will NOT be attending the meet for accuracy. Please email the coach if this is in error. The list includes the “non-responders,” those who have not told me whether or not they are participating in the meet. If your plans change at the last minute, it is imperative that you email the coach AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Obviously unexpected things can happen, but foreseeable last minute cancellations cause disruption of the lineup and buddy list and are disrespectful of your teammates and coaches.

  • Buddy List for the meet (updated 7:30am Monday)
  • Meet entries BY NAME (updated 7:30am Monday)
  • Meet entries BY EVENT (updated 7:30am Monday)

Be aware that there can be late changes due to last minute cancellations, so don’t forget to verify the events at the meet.


Don’t forget to enter the “Ducks for Bucks” raffle!

As usual, there will be a number of fundraising events at this meet: the Ducks for Bucks raffle, Kona Ice, food from Chick-Fil-A and Quiznos, and the bake sale. Money spent on these items benefit the swim team! Please consider bringing baked goods to sell at the meet.

Even experienced swimmers and swim parents could benefit from reading pages 9-11 in the swim team handbook about swim meet routines and procedures, as well as this post about how the coaches determine meet line-ups.

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