Meet #3 Recap: Ridgetop @ Midlothian YMCA

Our first away meet of the season took us across the river for a visit to the Midlothian YMCA. Our hosts were both hospitable and competitive! But halfway through the dual meet season, Ridgetop managed to remain undefeated, winning by a score of 1460-1160. The full results can be found here.

The minions!

The minions!

Triple-PR swimmers: Maddie Cassidy, Ben Coker, Jack Davis, Tristan Frantz, Owen Prusek, Ellie Grace Robinson, Christian Sleman, Lucie Speck, Millie Speck.

Quadruple winners: Taylor Biltz, Will Coker, Colin Fenster, Zoe Trenz

Triple winners: Maddie Andrews, Schuyler Biltz, Kate Farmer, Tory Farmer, Anne Clair Hart, William Kurz, Sebastian Ramirez, Hayden Schwartz, Lucie Speck, Ian Stevenson

New Personal Best Swims

The number one goal for the coaches is to see continued improvement in our swimmers’ times, and you did not disappoint! The nine swimmers listed above all set three personal best swims, the maximum possible. Many other swimmers set personal bests in one or more events, and should be very proud of that accomplishment. I know the coaches are!!

The single biggest drop of the meet was achieved by Roger Hart, who knocked 23 seconds off his 100 IM time. Wow! Other swimmers who made big drops — 10 seconds or more — were Tristan Frantz, Ariel Ogden, Jackson Oliver, Grace Phaup, Kayla Robertson, Lucie Speck, Millie Speck, Eliza Sundberg, and Madoc Winters. Great job, Riptide swimmers!

New Time Standards Achieved

A number of swimmers improved their JRAC speed classification in one or more events at this meet.

  • New Champs qualifying times were achieved by: Mary Peyton Baskin, Kate Bowman, Elise Gresham, Reed Jones, Vivian Norton, Miles Prusek, Sebastian Ramirez, Andrew Russell, Ian Townsend (2), Josh Vandergrift, Kelsey Walsh
  • New Regular time standards were achieved by: Maddie Andrews, Ben Coker, Jack Davis (2), Tristan Frantz, James Fraser, Roger Hart, Grace Phaup, Turner Phaup (2), Charles Prideaux, Owen Prusek, Cameron Schwartz (2)
  • New X time standards were achieved by: Taylor Biltz, Aidan Cassidy, Will Coker, Colin Fenster, Grace Phaup, Sebastian Ramirez, Hayden Schwartz, Lucie Speck
  • New XX time standards were achieved by: William Kurz (2), Lucie Speck (2), Ian Stevenson

Achieving a better speed classification help make the team more competitive in dual meets and and Champs. Great job to all of you!

Ridgetop Top 10 and Records

Two new Ridgetop team records were set at the meet! Kate Farmer took the 13-14 100 free record from Zoe Trenz while Taylor Biltz grabbed the 13-14 50 breast record from Emily Pilc. The swims below have made it into the Ridgetop All-Time Top 10 list of fastest swimmers in an age group and event. What an awesome achievement!

  • Anne Claire Hart: 25 back (8th), 25 breast (2nd)
  • Lucie Speck: 50 free (8th), 50 fly (5th), 100 IM (4th)
  • Grace Phaup: 50 fly (9th)
  • Kate Farmer: 100 free (1st)
  • Maddie Andrews: 50 back (8th)
  • Taylor Biltz: 50 breast (1st), 100 IM (8th)
  • Frances Melvin: 50 free (10th)
  • Schuyler Biltz: 100 free (6th), 100 IM (7th)
  • Emily Pilc: 100 breast (6th)
  • William Kurz: 50 free (4th), 50 back (4th)
  • Hayden Schwartz: 50 fly (5th)
  • Will Coker: 100 free (8th), 50 breast (4th)
  • Hank Holland: 50 free (4th)
  • Ian Stevenson: 50 fly (3rd)
  • Colin Fenster: 50 fly (6th)
  • Charles Prideaux: 50 fly (8th tie)

The coaches very very pleased with the effort, results and sportsmanship displayed at the meet!  Butterfly week is challenging to many younger swimmers, who nonetheless worked very hard to get a legal butterfly. It paid off: some of you swam a 50 fly for the very first time, or dropped huge chunks of time in their butterfly event. As a team, we beat a very talented host team while missing around 30 swimmers.

Great job, Riptides! Keep it up!

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