Meet #3 Info: Ridgetop at Westwood

Address: 6200 W Club Ln, Richmond, VA 23226

Meet theme: The Incredibles!

Line-ups can be found here. Buddies can be found hereAs always, these are subject to change.

Timeline: Arrival – 5:30p. Warm-ups – 6:00-6:15p. Meet start – 6:30p.

Order of events: Mite relays, IMs, free, fly, back, breast, 9+ relays.

You might want to double check the absences list to make sure I know that you DO NOT plan to attend.

Parking: Our address is 6200 West Club Lane, Richmond, VA 23226. The pool entrance faces Pollard Rd, but please don’t park on this road. Since parking spaces at Westwood are limited, we recommend that you park at Richmond Medical Park. This lot can be accessed off Bremo Road. The parking lot in the back of the building has a path that takes you to the nearest pool entrance. There will be 4 parking spaces reserved near the pool entrance for your swim coaches and swim representatives.

Guest Team Seating: Visiting team seating is located to the left of the pool, as viewed from the pool entrance. There are a limited number of chairs and tables, so your families will want to bring extra chairs and towels/blankets for seating.
Food: Our dining room provides a cookout for the swimmers and families during the meet. They set up behind the announcer’s stand. The snack bar will also be open with a limited menu. Only cash is accepted. Westwood will provide meal vouchers for coaches’ dinners. Kona Ice will be at Westwood for the duration of the swim meet.

Inclement Weather: In the case of inclement weather, we ask that swimmers and parents clear the pool. Guests are asked to wait in their cars until a determination can be made. We will follow the JRAC rule book in the event of inclement weather.

Please and Thank You: Please ask your swimmers to avoid the tennis courts and the playground. The pool is closed throughout the duration of the swim meet, and ALL swimmers should stay out of the shallow end and the diving well throughout the meet.