Meet #2 Recap: Glen Allen @ Ridgetop

On our first Monday evening meet, we hosted Glen Allen and honored our seniors swimming who are swimming in their last year for Ridgetop. We did so in impressive fashion, defeating the visiting team 1478.5 to 1098.5! The full results can be found here.

Triple-PR swimmers: Aidan Cassidy, Will Coker, Jack Davis, James Fraser, Stella Fredrick, Isabella Grice, Anne Claire Hart, Grace Phaup, Owen Prusek, Andrew Russel, Cameron Schwartz, Lucie Speck, Millie Speck, and Morgan Stoudt.

Quadruple winners: Schuyler Biltz, Will Coker, Kate Farmer, Colin Fenster, William Kurz, Zoe Trenz.

Triple winners: Taylor Biltz, Ella Davis, Tory Farmer, Francis Melvin, Hayden Schwartz, Lucie Speck.

New Personal Best Swims

Improving one’s personal best time continues to be the gold standard of success in our program! The 14 swimmers listed above set three personal marks, the maximum possible. So impressive! Many other swimmers set personal standards in one or more events. Well done, Riptide swimmers!

The single biggest drop of the meet was achieved by Ariel Ogden in the 50 breast: 49.7 seconds! Large drops — 10 or more seconds — were also recorded by Maddie Cassidy (50 breast), Campbell Doty (50 free), Isabella Grice (100 IM), Thomas Kreutzer (25 free), Kristine Ogden (50 breast), and Andrew Russell (100 IM). The coaches love it when swimmers take their events to the next level!

New Time Standards Achieved

A number of swimmers improved their JRAC speed classification in one or more events at this meet.

  • New Champs qualifying times were achieved by: Roger Hart, Alka Link, Grace Phaup, Andrew Russell, Millie Speck, Morgan Stoudt, and William Sutten.
  • New Regular time standards were achieved by: Logan Cohn, Madeleine Cullop, Ella Davis, James Fraser (2), Isabella Grice, Matthew Guise (2), Grace Phaup (2), Owen Prusek, Tommy Roberts, Briggs Robinson, and Parker Shepherd.
  • New X time standards were achieved by: Will Coker, Madeleine Cullop, and Lucie Speck (3).
  • New XX time standards were achieved by: Schuyler Biltz, Taylor Biltz (2), Aidan Cassidy, and Anne Claire Hart.

These achievements REALLY help the team get ever more formidable in dual meets, and also allows more of your teammates to swim; it is particularly nice to see some of the younger swimmers achieve advanced classifications for the first time. Excellent job, swimmers!

Ridgetop Top 10 and Records

For the second straight week, Zoe Trenz set a new team record in the breaststroke, taking 1.3 sec off her own record in the 50. The swims below have made it into the Ridgetop All-Time Top 10 list of fastest swimmers in an age group and an event. Very impressive, everyone!

  • Anne Claire Hart: 25 back (8th), 25 breast (2nd)
  • Madeleine Cullop: 25 breast (7th)
  • Lucie Speck: 50 back (10th), 50 fly (9th)
  • Taylor Biltz: 50 free (3rd), 50 back (4th), 100 breast (9th)
  • Kate Farmer: 50 back (9th), 100 breast (5th), 100 IM (3rd)
  • Schuyler BIltz: 50 free (2nd), 50 back (7th)
  • Zoe Trenz: 50 breast (1st)
  • Emily Pilc: 50 breast (7th)
  • Aidan Cassidy: 25 breast (4th)
  • William Kurz: 50 free (6th), 100 IM (6th)
  • Hayden Schwartz: 50 fly (5th), 100 IM (8th)
  • Will Coker: 50 free (6th), 100 IM (8th)
  • Tory Farmer: 50 free (2nd), 50 breast (4th)
  • Ian Stevenson: 100 free (5th)
  • Hank Holland: 100 free (6th), 50 fly (6th)

Overall, the coaches were once again so very, very impressed with the team effort given last night. Glen Allen is a team that is our size and they have some very quick swimmers, but your hard work paid off with a convincing win. Many of you worked very hard to get legal breaststrokes and managed not just to finish the event legally but even to score points. You also cheered for each other and showed good sportsmanship throughout the meet. Keep up the good work!

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