Meet #2 Info: Avalon @ Ridgetop

Meet theme: Decade Day! Come dressed up like your favorite decade!

Meet Buddies: Found here

Meet line-ups: Found here

Ridgetop warm-up-5:45-6:00
Avalon warm-up – 6:00-6:15
Meet start – 6:30p

Address: Home pool! 901 Ridgetop Rd.

Events: Novice events – Freestyle and breaststroke. (Remember, mites now always have novice backstroke too.) Medley relays will be swum at the meet.

Seating: It is probably a good idea to bring your own chairs as we are limited to the amount that we have. Generally, seating is first come, first serve, but usually, visiting teams take the lawn in front of the pavilion to the left of the pool as it is a better view and provides a bit more shade. Our restrooms are located beside the snack bar and Clerk of the Course will be in the baby pool area.

Food: We will be selling Chick Fil A in our pavilion. We will also have our snack bar open which offers many treats to energize the swimmers. Please stop by our bake sale as well, which will have an assortment of snacks for the kids. We are welcoming KONA ICE. They will be located just outside the front gate.

Meet Absences:
Caroline and Anne Budwell
Caroline Boykin
Schuyler Biltz
Madeleine Crook
Clarke and Madeleine Garrett
Davis and Matthew Guise
Tony Haynes
Patrick Hinkle
Hank Holland
Elizabeth Craft
Chris Gilliam
Luke Logan
Susan Pilc
Claire Robinson
Abram Schrinel
Weston Williams
Michael Nardi
Miles and Owen Prusek
Brandon Smith
Lucie Speck
Joseph Strait
William Sutten