Meet #1 Recap: Lakeside @ Ridgetop

On June 11, we kicked off a new summer season by hosting Lakeside. The soaring temperatures did nothing to slow down our swimmers, who responded with many new best times and new time standards! The smaller Lakeside team showed a lot of spirit, but we won our first meet in impressive fashion, by a score of 1547-752. The hard work you put in this pre-season was evident for many of our swimmers. Well done, Riptides! The full results can be found here.

Triple-PR swimmers: Maddie Andrews, Camilla Burnside, Matthew Burnside, Aidan Cassidy, Logan Cohn, Laken Evans, Mary Claire Friday, Isabella Grice, Davis Guise, Matthew Guise, Anne Claire Hart, William Kurz, Andy Logan, Charlie Pilc, Tommy Roberts, Cameron Schwartz, Christian Sleman, Molly Sleman, Eliza Sundberg, Paul Sundberg, William Sutten, Carter Torrence, Weston Williams, Madoc Winters, Reid Winters.

Quadruple Winners: Taylor Biltz, Logan Cohn, Tory Farmer, Anne Claire Hart, Lucie Speck

Triple Winners: Maddie Andrews, Jack Davis, Chris Gilliam, Reed Jones, William Kurz, Ian Stevenson

New Personal Best Swims

At Ridgetop we celebrate improvement above all else, and the best measure of success for a swimmer in a meet is to set a new personal record (PR) in an event. Many swimmers did so at this meet! In fact, a whopping 25 swimmers — listed above — achieved PRs in THREE events, the maximum possible. Many, many other swimmers set at least one PR; getting a best time in a meet is something to be very proud about. Way to go Riptides!

The single biggest time drop of the meet was recorded by Stella Fredrick, who had the huge drop of 16.2 seconds in the 100 IM; Stella also had another big drop (8.8 sec) in the 50 back, for a total of 25 seconds in two events. Wow! Madoc Winters had two 10+ second drops, in the 50 breast and 50 fly, as well as a 5+ drop in the 50 free. Other large chunks of time were sliced off by Sam Harless (10+ sec in the 50 fly), Thomas Jebo (10+ sec in the 25 back), Sawyer Lysak (12+ sec in the 25 free), and Susan Pilc (15+ sec in the 50 back).

New Time Standards Achieved

Quite a few swimmers improved their JRAC Speed Classifications at the meet.

  • New Champs qualifying times were achieved by: Anne Budwell, Stella Fredrick, Isabella Grice, Charlotte Hart, Thomas Jebo (2), Floyd Jones, Alka Link, Kyle Schwartz, Millie Speck, Eliza Sundberg (2), Carter Torrence, Riley Torrence.
  • New Regular time standards were achieved by: Maddie Andrews, Madeleine Cullop (2), Jack Davis, Stella Fredrick, Isabella Grice, Davis Guise (2), Mathew Guise, Reed Jones, Vivian Norton, Tommy Roberts (2), Millie Speck, Carter Torrence, Weston Williams.
  • New X time standards were achieved by: Logan Cohn (2), Ben Coker, Will Coker, Anne Claire Hart, Hayden Schwartz.
  • New XX time standards were achieved by Taylor Biltz, Anne Claire Hart, William Kurz (3).

Having swimmers in a variety of speed classifications in every age group gives the team a lot more weapons in dual meets, so achieving new time standards helps your teammates in a very tangible way!

Ridgetop Top 10 and Records

William Kurz set a new Ridgetop Record in the 50 butterfly, breaking Hank Holland’s 5-year-old record by almost a full second. Well done! In addition, quite a few swims from the meet made it to the Ridgetop All-Time Top 10 list, as summarized below. Congratulations to all these swimmers!

  • Anne Claire Hart: 50 breast (3rd), 100 IM (4th)
  • Molly Sleman: 100 IM (10th)
  • Lucie Speck: 50 breast (6th)
  • Taylor Biltz: 50 free (3rd), 50 breast (6th), 100 IM (4th)
  • Maddie Andrews: 50 back (4th)
  • Schuyler Biltz: 50 back (7th)
  • Aidan Cassidy: 50 breast (7th)
  • William Kurz: 50 back (2T), 50 fly (1st), 100 IM (2nd)
  • Hayden Schwartz: 50 fly (8th)
  • Logan Cohn: 50 free (5th)
  • Hank Holland: 50 free (4th)
  • Will Coker: 50 breast (5th)
  • Bridger Thurston: 100 breast (10th)

The coaches are VERY proud of the energy and sportsmanship of everyone who participated in the meet, whether they are specifically mentioned here or not. Awesome job, everyone!

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