Make Your Coaches Smile!

We love coaching at Ridgetop! We have the best swimmers and swim team parents. Want to know the things that make us happy? Read on!

I recently read an article, “Make Your Coach Smile,” that was aimed at masters swimmers but could easily be adopted to summer league swimming. Both parents and swimmers should benefit! Adapted from that article, which is worth reading, is a list of things that make us coaches smile:

  • Regular practice. The more you practice, the faster you improve. And there is absolutely nothing that makes us (and hopefully you!) smile more than big time drops or mastery of a new stroke.
  • Show up on time, both to practices and meets. Be on the deck ready to go when warmup starts!
  • Increase your swimming IQ. When we explain the purpose of a drill or a set, we aren’t talking just to give you some rest. Pay attention and try to implement what we are saying. Constantly try to figure out what makes you go faster, and do it.
  • Communicate with your coach. If something is wrong, let us know what’s going on with you. Don’t make us guess if you are going to miss a meet, let us know as soon as you know. If you are unhappy about something, tell us.
  • Be a great teammate at meets and in practice. Cheer for others, revel in their successes and help them when they are down. If you make this a habit, I guarantee your teammates will reciprocate and swimming will be even more fun.
  • Be gracious in both victory and defeat. Be friendly with other swimmers — including those on opposing teams — and wish them luck before their races. Congratulate the people next to you after every race, whether or not you won or lost.
  • Take your turn. Be a good “lane citizen.” Don’t insist on going in front of someone who is faster than you.
  • Pay attention to the clock. As much as possible, pay attention to your times in practice and use that information to get better. (The one exception is during stroke drills, which are not about speed but about technique.)
  • Work hard but remember to have fun! Have pride in being a swimmer and in being a member of a great team!