2018 Registration is Open!

It is time to start getting excited about summer swimming! We will again be doing registration online and with the same organization as last year. The link for registration is open! But please read further before registering.

It is very important that you update your contact information, particularly your email address and cell phones since we use those for communication. So check to make sure they are correct! And if you want your child to get email or text messages (eg for late-breaking weather-related cancellations), make sure you enter their contact info in the appropriate locations.

Note that if you enter an email address twice, you will get two emails. There is nothing I can do about that, but please configure your email client so that it doesn’t reject it as spam. Once practices start and registration is more or less done, I will download all the email addresses, eliminate the duplicates, and create a Google contact group for all further communications.

Speaking of which: practices start on May 21 for the regular team, and June 18 for pre-teamers! More info is on this website for the practice schedule and the meet schedule.

Besides registering by May 21, you will also want to complete the JRAC insurance waiver; click the link to start the process. They are promising to be VERY STRICT about the waiver this year: you absolutely cannot participate without completing it. So please do it now so you can just forget about it. Don’t forget to click “submit form” button at the end; you should get a confirmation email. If you didn’t, then you did not complete the form. I believe you need to do one for each child on the team.

Finally, you have the usual volunteer requirements this year. Sign up soon so you can get your preferred positions! More information at the link below. You sign up through the Swim Portal, which is one of the links on the right sidebar.

Volunteering Basics

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