2017 Swim Team Awards

On Friday, July 28, the swim team held its annual banquet at the Ridgetop pool to celebrate a great season! The various awards and recognitions are summarized here and are described in detail on our Awards pages.

Ridgetop had a very successful season! We went 4-2 and came in second in the Red division. We finished a very strong 6th place at the Championship meet with 686.5 points.

In terms of individual honors for 2017, you’ll want to check out the recipients of

Together these swimmer characteristics — a great attitude, the determination to better yourself, and success in competition — define the ideal Ridgetop swimmer. Every year we give out the Holland Award to the single swimmer who has best embodied the goals of the Ridgetop swim team over a number of years.

Every swim team (and pre-team) member received a certificate in recognition of all your hard work over the past 10 weeks. Congratulations!

Some of the certificates have extra seals on them, indicating some notable accomplishment. A star is for dependability, meaning you are one of the 46 swimmers who attended every single dual meet. Thanks for being someone the coaches can count on! A gold seal indicates that you are a member of the elite 100-point club, scoring 100 or more points over the course of the dual meet season. This impressive accomplishment was shared by only 30 swimmers on the club!

The coaches would again like to thank our many parent volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you! These hard-working folks allow us to focus our attention on the swimmers and their activities in the pool. Special shout-outs go to our awesome swimming reps Lisa Hart and Laura Biltz!


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