Meet Absences: Meet 6

Avalon @ Ridgetop

According to my records, the swimmers below will be missing the meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate.

Not Attending

Bridget Abbott
Katherine Budwell
Anne Carter Budwell
Stephen Cimino
Elianna Cuce
Madeleine Cullop
Tory Farmer
Casey Fenster
Tristan Frantz
Eva Green
Charlotte Holloway
Bennett Huddle
Nora Hugo
Campbell Jebo
Sven Komorowski
Alka Link
Rowen Link
Jackie Milley
Abigail Moore
Per Petersson
Bjorn Petersson
Henry Prideaux
Tommy Roberts
Carter Spalding
Eliza Sundberg
Georgia Wilson

No Response (assumed not attending)

Reid Edwards
Tristan Litzenburg
Isabel Roberts