Meet Absences: Meet 2

Avalon @ Ridgetop

According to my records, the swimmers below will be missing the meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate.

Not attending

Jane Bowman
Caroline Boykin
Cara Brickhouse
May Belle Brickhouse
Claire Brown
Anne Budwell
Katherine Budwell
Aidan Cassidy
Maddie Cassidy
Stephen Cimino
Caitlin Corby
Madeleine Garrett
Sam Harless
Norah Pascual
Emily Pilc
Susan Pilc
Ella Post
Molly Powers
Miles Prusek
Nate Roberts
Christian Sleman
Brandon Smith
William Sutten
Trista Walton
Claire Weidhaas
Geneva Weidhaas
Madoc Winters
Nate Winters
Reid Winters