Meet Absences: Meet 1

Ridgetop @ Southampton

According to my records, the swimmers below will be missing the meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate. (Note that pre-teamers do not attend the first meet.)

Responding: Unable to Attend

Maddie Andrews
Sarah Baldwin
Jane Bowman
Madison Bradshaw
Matthew Burnside
Harrison Carr
Caitlin Corby
Elianna Cuce
Madeleine Cullop
Campbell Doty
Kate Farmer
Tristan Frantz
Charlotte Holloway
Campbell Jebo
Sven Komorowski
Sofia Moore
Carter Payne
Owen Prusek
Miles Prusek
Lilian Roberts
Charley Roberts
Kayla Robertson
Mason Shepherd
Richmond Southall
Josh Vandegrift
Claire Weidhaas
Weston Williams
Reid Winters

No Response (assumed unable to attend)

Electra Cimino
Alexander Moore
Michael Nardi
Thomas Nardi
Ella Post
Brandon Smith