Meet Absences: Champs

JRAC Championships

According to my records, the following swimmers have qualified but will not be available for the JRAC Championship meet. Please email me if this list is inaccurate.

Unavailable Champs Qualifiers

Caroline Boykin
Claire Brown
Anne Budwell
Kyra Evans
Casey Fenster
Jeffrey Green
Elise Gresham
Isabella Grice
Linos Grice
Davis Guise
Matthew Guise
Thomas Jebo
Sven Komorowski
Thomas Kreutzer
Alka Link
Rowen Link
Tristan Litzenburg
Andy Logan
Luke Logan
Hannah Mahan
Jackie Milley
Miles Prusek
Nate Roberts
Brandon Smith
Joseph Strait
Eliza Sundberg

No Response (Unknown Availability)

Ellie Hinkle
Molly Powers
Pierson Wright