The Buddy List

The purpose of the Buddy List is to promote team unity, particularly between the younger and older members of the team who may not see each other much in practice. Older buddies are volunteers, 11 years and older, who have agreed to act as mentors and support for their Mite and Midget teammates (if you would like to be an older buddy, please email me). BOTH sets of buddies are expected to cheer for each other in races and congratulate one another for their accomplishments, whether that is for a good effort, finishing a race legally, or for a colossal time drop!

Below is the list of buddies for the next meet, enter your name in the search box to find your buddy. Note that the “Team Ogden” older buddies are the three Ogden sisters: Ryley, Ariel and Kristine.

Buddy List for Meet 3: Ridgetop @ Three Chopt

Maddie Andrews (15)Audrey Hulcher (9)
Owen Andrews (11)Vivian Norton (10)
Schuyler Biltz (17)Cameron Schwartz (9)
Taylor Biltz (15)Olivia Fredrick (7)
Logan Cohn (14)Per Petersson (7)
Will Coker (16)Tristan Litzenburg (7)
Madeleine Cullop (10)Katherine Budwell (9)
Ella Davis (12)Sofia Moore (8)
Jack Davis (14)Sawyer Lysak (7)
Laken Evans (11)Aubrey Cuevas (10)
Kate Farmer (15)Kyra Evans (9)
Tory Farmer (18)Reed Jones (8)
Chris Gilliam (17)Bennett Friday (7)
Elise Gresham (11)Mary Claire Friday (7)
Isabella Grice (12)Claire Brown (8)
Davis Guise (12)Linos Grice (8)
Tolly Hulcher (11)May Belle Brickhouse (10)
Floyd Jones (11)Charley Roberts (7)
William Kurz (12)Thomas Jebo (8)
Alka Link (11)Ellery Ayers (8)
Rowen Link (14)Abram Schrinel (8)
Frances Melvin (17)Anne Budwell (7)
Team OgdenElectra Cimino (9)
AnnHaden Payne (12)Caitlin Corby (8)
Carter Payne (15)Madeleine Garrett (9)
Bjorn Petersson (11)Natalie Stoudt (10)
Grace Phaup (13)Betsy Spalding (8)
Turner Phaup (11)Riley Torrence (10)
Charlie Pilc (16)Carter Torrence (7)
Emily Pilc (17)Elianna Cuce (8)
Susan Pilc (13)Katie Cordo (10)
Henry Prideaux (15)Andy Hingst (9)
Tommy Roberts (12)Molly Sleman (9)
Hayden Schwartz (12)Paul Sundberg (9)
Mason Shepherd (11)Nate Roberts (9)
Christian Sleman (12)Reid Winters (9)
Lucie Speck (14)Molly Schrinel (5)
Millie Speck (12)Norah Pascual (10)
Ian Stevenson (18)Wyatt Oliver (12)
Morgan Stoudt (12)Stella Fredrick (10)
Eliza Sundberg (12)Charlotte Hart (6)
Grace Sutten (11)Lily Roberts (9)
Ellie Torrence (11)Anne Claire Hart (10)
Weston Williams (14)William Sutten (9)
Nate Winters (11)Kyle Schwartz (7)
Madoc Winters (13)Matthew Hingst (7)